My oldest sister shocked us when she revealed that her husband of 8 years has discovered that he is transgender and had begun transitioning into a woman. Their 7 year old daughter was also questioning her gender and dressed/identified as a boy for several months. I haven’t talked much with my sister in the past year. I think she is angry with me because I did not support her letting her young daughter change her gender. Most of my family is deeply religious and although they love my sister and her children they do not support her living with a transgender partner. I honestly do not feel qualified to really comment on the transgender issue. I don’t know much about it and I feel in so position to pass judgement. My sister finally agreed to have dinner with me tonight. I just want my sister back. I want her and her children to be happy and healthy both physically and mentally. It’s not my place to judge or intervene with the gender issues. I hope it goes well….